How to Play Beach Treasure in League of Angels

Beach treasure is an  event which oftenly appear in League of angels, lots of Reward or item we could gain in this event. There’s free reward, and there’s also reward that gained using diamonds. Here is how Beach Treasure Works.

1. Point Rangkings

When you openbeach treasure the first time you see will be Point Rankings, if you have a lot of point you should see your name in the first page.

1. beach treasure point rankings - league of angels

2. Reward Mode

The main feature is actually on Good Luck Beach, but it’s better to see what items/rewards that we have a chance to win.

There’s Random Picks (Free), Reward shown there will be randomly added to batch of shell everytime you refresh.

There’s also Manual Picks (Using Diamonds) You can choose the reward you want from there. The rewards are guaranteed to be added to batch of shell after refreshing. The rewards shown there usually Rare items (Clothing and Mount glamors).

2. beach treasure - reward mode - league of angels 2

3. Good Luck Beach

Here’s is the main game, when you open it for the first time there will be some item icons on shells. If you like the items on that shells you can start it by Clicking “Start”, but if you don’t really ineterested to them you can wait one hour later and press “Refresh”. And Start it when you ready. Be wise on your time too.

3. good luck beach - beach treasure - league of angels

After you clicked “Start”, all that shell will be flipped, and your job now is to find them in match. The more you flip shell, the more it will eat points, so luckyness is a big point here. And I guess that’s why they name it Good Luck Beach lol.

4. how to collect items from beach treasure - league of angels

4. Point Store

After spending point on Good Luck Beach usually we will gain other point which we can trade in Point Store (Using diamonds on reward mode also give you massive point on this). The reward here are also good to boost our Battle Rating. I usually trade my point for Lv 7 gem, Cherubstone dan Ruby Herosoul.

5. beach treasure  - point store - league of angels

How to get more point in Beach Treasure?

If that question ever across your mind, this is the answers :

1. At specific time usually there’s points we could gain from Good Luck Beach. It usually 8 points. at 8, 12 and 16 o’clock server time.

6. how to collect more points in beach treasure - loa

2. Always check Hot Events. There’s a lot of  Shell Point Card Shared free and by doing tasks such as completing devotion.

Events which are share Shell Point Card are Devotion Bargain, Omnipotence/Octathlon, Fishing Soul, Today’s gift and All round talent

7. Shell point card - hot events - league of angels

Easter Bunny, Cockathrice, Lycorax, Incinerator, Leprechaun, Gold Organza, Gold Wing, Blazing Wing, are items we can collect in this event, So try your best and Good luck 😀

Don’t forget to collect reward if you are listed on ranking.

8. beach treasure event reward - league of angels - loa

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