How Totems Works in League of Angels

Totems is League of Angels Feature which having a lot of  skill option. It’s unlocked when you reached lv 60. The uniquw thing from totem is that it’s joined to our party just like heroes. Usually it’s on the front side of party.

For you who are new on League on Angels here is how to set and upgrade it.

1. Totem Guardian

Totem Guardians are Guardian of Totems (well … -_-). We need to defeat them to gain Sacrifice point and Totem Badge. The more Guardian we defeated, the more we sacrifice point and totem badge we get.

1. totem guardian - league of angels

2. Totem Altar

Sacrifice Point are use in here to Exchange for Totems. There’s about 13 totems (including Exp Totems) that we may gain in here. You can see Totem list on Totem Diagram. Click “Sacrifice” to get Totems.

2. totem altar - sacrifice - league of angels

We can also buy totem via Totem Shom in here. We could buy considerable totem by using Totem Badge. There’s Opal Totem, Garnet Totem, and also material needed to Evolve totem. The prices are different each type depending on skill it has.

3. totem shop - garnet totem - league of angels

3. Set Totem

In this tab, we are able to set the totem we have. There’s 5 slots we can fill with totems we have. Each slot must be different type of Totem. Totem on the center are the main totem to deploy on battle. The other are totem for back up and helper totem (these totem help boost our totem Strength/BR).

4. Set totem - league of angels

4. Upgrade Totem

This tab are to Upgrade Totem Level. Totem could be upgraded by sacrificing other totem (especially Exp totem).

Put the totem that you wanted to upgrade to the slot on the center, main totem are recommended. Then hit “1 Click Select” Button, so it can automatically adjust totem to sacrifice. Then hit Upgrade totems.

5. upgrade totem

5. Evolve Totem

Evolving totems allows us to upgrade our totem to the higher stats and skill totems. Evolving totem requires garnet totem or higher. Don’t forget to buy material need to Evolve totem first. After you have the complete all required things then just press “Evolve“. 6. how to upgrade totem - league of angels

Tips: You can gain Sacrifice Point and Totem Badge from Events ot Hot Events.

7. totem badge and sacrifice point - league of angels

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