Angel’s Quiz Event – League of Angels

Angel’s Quiz is one event that comes every month at the League of Angels. This event offers a prize that was pretty useful for us the players, especially because the top prize is Gold. This event usually comes along with the Angels Exclusive Event.

The way the game is also very easy, we just need to correctly answer each question there by clicking the “Answer” button. it is actually okay if our answer(s) are wrong, but we’ll lost the points and reward .

You may find the Answers of those questions here

2. answers angel wuiz - league of angels

We can only answer 3 questions from the angels, then we have to click Refresh“, There will new questions appears. Each day there are 10 Free Refresh  from the League of angels system. the rest we will need Quiz Voucher to Refresh.


3. quiz voucher - league of angels

Quiz Vucher can be obtained from Events and Hot Events. To do a Refresh, it will required 20 Quiz Voucher.

There is also the additional bonuses and points that we can get if we ( luckyly ) get a combo and answered all questions correctly. Like this:

1. angel's quiz event - league of angels

Tidak cukup sampai disitu, Hadiah yang dapat kita perleh masih ada lagi, yaitu dari Tab Rank. Ada hadiah harian dan Consec Rank, Tentu saja jika Anda memenuhi syarat untuk memasukin ranking. misalnya memenuhi beberapa Quiz Point.  Hadiah yang dipertaruhkan antara lain Gem Enhancement Stone, Pride King Soul, Seraph Stone, Genius Emblem.

Tips: Jika Anda tidak tahu jawaban dari pertanyaan tersebut (dan tidak terdapat di link yang penulis beri), silahkan cari di google. Jangan buang point dan reward Anda dengan menjawab asal-asalan.

Not quite up there, There’s still a lot of reward we could gain. That is from the Rank tab. There are daily prizes and consec Rank, of course if you are eligible to enter the ranking. for example, meet some Quiz Point. Prizes at stake include Enhancement Gem Stone, Pride King Soul, Seraph Stone, Genius Emblem, Etc.

4. angels quiz ranking reward - league of angels Tip: If you do not know the answers to these questions (and not available in the link the Author given above), please search it on google. Do not waste your points and rewards with a random answer.

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