Cross Server Tournament Guide and Tips – League of Angels

Tournament is one of the features of the League of Angels that usually there once a month (or 2 every weeks huh? I do not remember it well, hahaha). Clearly these features are usually present when Single Server Tycoon Event are On. and of course this can help us in Tycoon (although not really much, mahahaha).

1. tournament - league of angels

This feature allows us to fight against players from different servers. There will be 4 stages each day. And like the other features in the league of angels, the higher its stage, the higher the stats of our opponents. And of course, we can only proceed to the next stage after stage lowest elapsed.

2. cross server tournament - league of angels

There will be 10 daily Attemps of battle, with 10 different opponents. You can increase the quota by paying 20 Diamond for each attemp.

4 opponents in the first stage C tier prizes

3 opponents in the second stage B tier prizes

2 opponents in the third stage A tier prizes

And one opponent in stage S top tier prizes.

The first 4 opponents can usually be defeated easily because their BR are lower than our BR.

3 The second opponent is a 50:50 chance.Because the far right opponent has higher BR than us.  while the other 2 had a draw with our BR.

2 and 1 last opponent was a pretty tough opponent, Do not challenge them unless you are absolutely sure.

Tips and trick is: If you have completed the first stage, always begin the second stage from the right. This way you will know Are you able to complete stage 2 or not.


3. tournament tips and trick - league of angels

If you won the battle, continue the challenge to his left side. If you loose, press Refresh (There’s only 1 x free refresh, this is probably the wisest way to use it), after refresh, clear the first stage again. so you could gain the C tier Prizes again.

Winning battle in tournament will reward us Warrior’s Mark and gold. You can exchange Warrior’s mark to other item on Cross Server Shop.

If we ranked in top 100 we also get other reward too. And if we ranked in top 10, Our char will greatly shown up greatly and sees by a lot of servers.


4. tournament top rank - league of angels

Winning Cross Server reward will give us Royal’s Mark which also tradable in Cross server shop. Alecta’s Icon and Victoriana Icon are also available on this shop.

5. alecta icon and victoriana icon


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