Maximize Gold Income Guide – League of Angels

Gold is one of most important resource in League of Angels, a lot of activity in Loa that requires us to use gold, especially Enhance Equipment. Another activity that is draining so much gold is Synth, Almost all kind of Synth are Requires gold.

Here are some sources of income of gold according to the author’s experience. Very useful when there is an event Tycoon.

1 Bonus Online. Online bonus given every few minutes or so, this menu automatically disappears after we receive all of our bonuses.


1. online bonus - league of angels

2. Plant. Pick Gold Seed, for the type, Pick one suitable with your time and necessity.

2. gold seed plant - league of angels

3. Alchemy. The higher your level the more that you can gain. Guild bonus is also very influential on Alchemy.

3. alchemy - league of angels

4. Wyrm Race. Perform free Refresh to get a better dragon. You can also buy directly the best dragon by spending 600 gold.

4. wyrm race gold reward - league of angels

5. Attack dragons on Wyrm. We get a reward to plunder another dragon. Tips: Do not plundered your guildmate’s dragon. The higher dragon type that you plundered it will be bigger prize.

6. Wyrm Escort reward. We also get reward by escorting our friend’s dragon on Wyrmrace.

7. Check in Reward. We gets gold and other reward for login to the game, accumulated by day.

7. check in reward - league of angels

8. Daily Devotion. We get a reward for completing quests which has Devotion Points.Maximum points to get reward is 500.

8. devotion reward - league of angels

9. Retrieval. Still in the Menu Daily loot, Retrieval is a reward that given to us when we missed Specified task, like Quiz, WB, and Wyrmrace.

10. Dungeon. Entering dungeon and defeats monsters also will reward us some gold.

11. Main Quest. Accomplishing main quest.

10. main quest reward - league of angels

12. Loop Quest. There’s 50 Loop Quest everyday, Every completed quest will reward us gold too.

13. Erebus Treasure.

14. Erebus Level Clearance. After cleared a level in Erebus, We are potential to win gold, Exp, and other erebus items.

15. Tidal Pool

16. Zodiac.

17. Tournament Battle

18. Tournament Tier Prizes

19. Tournament Ranked Prize.

20. Cross Server Point Ranking

21. Dark Abyss Stage Rewards

22. Dark Abyss Assist Rewards

23. Inferno Treasure

24. Divine Chest. Obtained from Clash of Might Ranking and Cross Server Point Ranking rewards.

25. Guild Wages. Every position has different salary. Leader has the highest Salary. The second is Deputy Leader.

26. Guild boss Unlock Reward. Reward for unlocking a Guild Boss Seal.

26. Guild boss - league of angels

27. Guild Boss battle.

28. Guild Boss Ranking Rewards.

29. Guild Boss Last Hit. We get another reward if we give the boss a last hit.

30. World Boss Battle

31. Participating in World Boss. The reward given by percentage of damage we drawn to the World Boss.

32. World Boss Last Hit.

33. Quiz. Right Answers Only.

34. World Tree Blessing Reward. Can be obtained when our World tree in garden reach maximum blessing that day.

35. Slave Extortion. We get gold from our slave in garden.

33. Slave extortion - league of angels

36. Lover’s Oak Chest.Obtained from Lover’s Oak. This reward only obtained by married player.

36. lover's oak chest

37. Gauntlet

38. Gauntlet Ranking. About this Gauntlet Ranking the gold we can gain are millions.

39. Zodiac level Clearance Reward.

40. Inferno Reward.

41. Praise in Hall of Fame. You can find Hall of Fame in Arena Menu.

40. hall of fame praise - league of angels

42. Team Tournament Rewards. Participating is enough to get the rewards.

43. Congrats. Congratulating friends each other to gain the rewards.This is the advantages to have a lot of friends, active friends.

42. congratulating each other - league of angels

44. WyrmRace Ranking.

45. Vip Daily Bonus.

46. Collect Pack Code Exchange. You can find the code on LoA official site. Can only claimed once.

47. loa exchange code pack - league of angels

47. Selling items from Bag.

43. selling items - league of angels

48. (Hot Events) Omnipotence/Octathlon/Decathlon

49. (Hot Events) All Round Talent

50. (Hot Events) Cross Server Slaughter

51. (Hot Events) Daily Challenge

52. (Hot Events) Dragon Soul Concuerror

53. (Event) Angel’s Quiz

54. (Event) Djinni’s Merchant

55. (Event) Tycoon

56. Recharge Reward

57. (Event) Rose Ranking

58. (Hot Events) Alchemy. Requires 10 Diamonds.

59. (Event) Group Buy. Use Voucher or diamonds + group buy voucher to buy gold

60. Stealing gold from friend’s garden (Extremely not recommended).

61. Guild Feast Reward

62. Lucky Rose Set Chest

63. Luxury Rose Chest


Yup, That is the actifity that help us to gain gold in League of Angels, I wish I will still update this post when I found Other unwritten actifities. You can also add it by writing it in comment collumn. Thanks for Coming ^^

Sorry if you confused by some word, I’m not English Native.

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