Maximize Gem Enhancement Stone Income Guide – League of Angels

Gem Enhancement Stone is a Resource in League of Angels which server to add bonuses stats from the Gems that we have. We can do Gem Enhancement from Char Menu. Each star is incremented by 1, then there will be a 1% bonus total gem given to us.

1. gem enhancement stat bonus - league of angels

Here’s list of resources where we able to find Gem Enhancement Stone. This post also may help you in Tycoon Event.

1. Gemology points Chest. This is the most frequently encountered. We got bonus after fulfilling specified gemology points.

2. gemology points chest - league of angels

2. (Hot Event) Explore Gem Enhancement. This event come almost every week. This bonus also gained after we fulfillinf specified gemology points.

3. Arena Shop. This purchase will require the Arena Emblem, limited 30 pieces per day.

4. Shop. Requires diamond to buy, 6 diamonds per piece.

5. Gemology Point Ranking.

6. (Hot Events) Gifts from Hades.

7. (Hot Events) Test of Hades.

8. (Hot Events) Daily Challenge.

9. (Hot Events) Emerging Gem Enhancement.

3. Emerging gem enhancement - league of angels

10. (Event) Tycoon

11. (Event) Wheel of Luck

12. (Event) Event Bonus

13. (Event) Angel’s Chest

14. (Event) Djinni’s Merchant

15. Recharge Reward

16. (Event) Beach Treasure

17. (Hot Events) Consuming Regaining

18. Other Events.

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