Fairy, League of Angels New Feature

Recently (early September 2014) League of Angels release new features in the game that is Fairy. Fairy serves to increase our BR Stats. Currently there are 2 types available are Fairy Crackers and Leon.

Crackers is more to add defense.

1. fairy crackers - league of angels

While Leon tends to add Offense or Attack

2. fairy leon - league of angels

Both can be obtained through Hot Events (Finding Firies).

Crackers obtained by completing certain tasks.

Leon obtained by buying it for 499 diamonds.

3. finding fairies event - league  of angels

Once you get the icon of fairy, go to Fairy Menu and then click Unlock. After that click on Follow. Bonus stats from fairy automatically increase to BR.

4. follow fairy - league of angels

Once it Activated, the fairy will follow wherever you go.

5. fairy following -  leagu of angels

It also joined in battle but I didn’t see the fairy managed any action.

6. fairy in battle - league of angels

Currently there’s no sign of additional feature to add fairy’s stats.  But when it come, I wish I will write it here. Thanks for visiting ^^

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