League of Angels Emoji Bigger Version

Emoticons on LoA chat is kinda funny and enjoyable to use, So I decided to made some of them in bigger version.

This is a remake so it will not be 100% look alike. Fell free to use these guys for comments in group or forum or other thing ^^

Apps used to create these emoji is Inkscape, a free vector image tool.

Best Regards, Ilmira [s191-DreadIsland | R2Games]

agreed loa emoticons angery 2 - league of angels emoticons angry loa emoji better silent - league of angels emoticons broken hearted loa emoji




damn lag loa emoticonsfeel sorry emoji feeling cool emoticon loa fuuuuu emoji happpyyyy





huhuhuhuhuhu loa emoji kinda sad of it - loa emotions laugh loa emoji loa emoji kesal look up emoji loa




love loa emoji pissed off 2 emoticons league of angels pissed off emoji league of angels sad league of angels emoji senyum




shocked - loa emoji Tengil emoji thinking - league of angels emoji thumb up loa emoji tired emoji loa




very excited emoji league of angels wink loa emoji wink loa emoticons

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